September 22, 2010
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The Emotional Survival Kit is a ‘toolkit for life'; a collection of easy to understand yet perspective shifting ‘tools’ that you can use right now to help you pinpoint how you are feeling in any situation or conflict. The crucial insight provided in each of these ‘tools’ help you discover for yourself what is really going on for you; they support you to ‘be with’ your situation, then give you guidance on how to change the situation, thereby creating more peace and happiness through emotional freedom.

Whether you have been diagnosed ‘ill’, ‘depressed’, are experiencing conflict in any kind of relationship or going through a relationship break-up; if you have experienced loss, are having a ‘spiritual awakening’, are experiencing ‘bullying’, or just want to break recurring, negative patterns or beliefs, the ESK will support you to ‘feel’ more honestly, understand more clearly and ‘think’ more usefully as you are empowered to build the life you really want to live.

The Emotional Survival Kit is available as an ipad or iphone APP through the Apple App Store or as a box of beautifully presented cards through PayPal on this website.

“‘A clear and accessible self discovery ‘tool’ that brings together a broad expanse of wisdom about personal growth and positive change. I am especially delighted to be able to recommend this valuable resource to my clients because it captures the essence of what I would hope for them in their journey to emotional freedom and personal power”
Dr Sue Curtis, CAHRI