Mind your step!
Mind that slippery pathway!
Mind yourself on that ladder, it could be dangerous!
Mind you don’t fall asleep at the wheel while you’re driving!

We’re constantly warned to ‘mind’ a fair few things these days, but how often do we ‘mind’ our own mind?

Have you ever wondered why people treat you a certain way over and over again no matter where you go or what you do?

Do we ever take notice of what we’re telling ourselves on a regular basis?  Have we ever questioned our own thinking?

The most revolutionary discovery of the 21st Century is that of Brain Plasticity. In the past, it was generally accepted that once your brain was ‘wired’ a certain way, you were pretty much stuck with it. Now, neuroscience has proven that the brain is more like plasticine. It can be moulded. It can be re-wired!

Just because your brain has been wired to believe certain things, it DOESN’T mean those things are true!

The brain constantly changes itself through thought and activity. Thinking, learning and acting can turn our genes on or off, shaping our anatomy, our behaviour, our body chemistry and even impacting on our immune system. The negative things you tell yourself over and over again, and the subsequent feelings those thoughts create actually affect every aspect of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You are NOT your brain wiring!

Maybe it’s time to question the negative beliefs (and the subsequent self talk) that are unconsciously running your life. After all, a belief is just a thought you’ve thought over and over again. There’s a great tool in the Emotional Survival Kit that shines a light on all those hidden beliefs. It’s called the ‘T-Shirt Tool’. Have you ever had a ‘toolkit for life’ that is specific to you? Go to www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au and purchase your very own Emotional Survival Kit.


Learn to live whole-heartedly…and watch what happens..


Jennifer Edwards
Emotional Survival Kit

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