There is a simple Universal Law; You cannot receive what you are unable to give and you cannot give what you are unable to receive.

Consider for a moment why relationships with others are sometimes difficult or disappointing. We always seem to want to get something from the person we’re in relationship with (ie love, respect, compassion etc), but as soon as you demand these things from that person, the whole relationship seems to fall in a heap! It just doesn’t work; in fact it can never work because it goes against that universal law. Certainly, unless you feel as if you have it already, you won’t be able to get it – especially from another person!

If you are loving to someone, you will receive love because love always returns to itself. If you demand love, you receive demands for love. Now demands for love can look like many things. People’s idea of love varies. Have you heard these ones before? If you love me, you’ll think the same way as me; If you love me, you’ll do what I say; If you love me, you’ll change for me; If you love me, you’ll do more for me; If you love me, you’ll fix all my problems; If you love me, you’ll always put MY needs before your own;

These are all demands for love that you are either putting out there or getting back again. In essence we are all just boomerangs! What goes out comes back and what comes back, goes out again.

While all this seems a bit harsh, we need to realise that one of the reasons why that person came into your life was to remind you of the nurturing you need to give to yourself. If they are not nurturing, loving or respecting you in the current situation you’re in, then you need to ask yourself whether you are giving that love, respect or nurturing to YOURSELF  first. Most of the time, if you’re honest, you’re not. You are trying to get it outside of yourself.

So, if you’re feeling unloved, disrespected, or taken for granted right now, take responsibility for that and do the ONLY thing you can do. DO something for yourself that demonstrates that you believe that you deserve love and respect. TAKE AN ACTION. Do something for yourself right now that shows love and respect for YOU and watch everything change.

Giving is receiving. Receiving is giving. When you know this, the whole ‘drama game’ falls apart.

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