“I’m not good enough.”
“I have to DO things for others to be loved by them.”
“I have to PLEASE people to be accepted by them.”
“It’s selfish to put my own needs first.”
“I have to be in control of everything or else something bad will happen.”
“Life isn’t fair.”

Can you relate to any of these negative beliefs?

Our negative self talk and fixed beliefs are like our autopilot. They determine our first reaction in any situation. We ‘believe’ that our first reaction is our only truth when it’s really just the way our brain has been wired. So we continue to put ourselves last. We try to control situations, please other people, and feel as if we have to constantly ‘prove’ ourselves.

The unconscious beliefs that have been hard wired into our brain can shape and affect every aspect of our lives from our relationships with others to the way we do our work.

A belief is just a thought that you’ve thought over and over again. Our beliefs aren’t who we really are. Our beliefs are, in fact, only the way we’ve been ‘wired’. It’s important to question these beliefs. Anything focussed on for long enough becomes truth. We need to realise that just because we are ‘wired’ with a certain belief, it doesn’t mean that belief is our ONLY truth. You get to choose the clothes you wear, what make-up suits you best and where you want to live. You can also choose only the beliefs that serve you and make them your ‘truth’.

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