“Health Hazard Beliefs”

November 27, 2010
In counselling women with Cancer (for the last five years), I have been astounded and incredibly interested at the frequency at which the same hidden, underlying ‘beliefs’ come up over and over again for people. I have labelled them “health hazard beliefs” and it’s not only women with cancer that have them. They are these; I am not good enough; I have to DO things for you to be loved by you; I have to a >>>
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The ‘T-shirt’ Tool

November 25, 2010
  In 1966 the dictator of Romania decided that he wanted to double the population of his country in one generation so he banned birth control and abortions and gave families incentives for having lots of children.  It worked! The population sky-rocketed but so did the ABANDONMENT RATE of babies. People couldn’t afford to keep all the children they were having and 150,000 babies ended up in orphanages around the country. They we >>>
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