Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a problem, you’re THERE? :-)

Have you ever noticed that whenever something or someone pushes your buttons, it’s YOU that feels it?

If YOU are there everytime, and YOU are feeling the sensations and emotions, then, chances are, the so-called ‘problem’ originated with you. OK now, don’t get defensive – it’s not how it sounds!

Dr Hew Len & Joe Vitale (from the Secret) have written a book called Zero Limits. In this book they explain that we are either running on memories/beliefs OR we are running on inspiration. Our memories/beliefs are our conditioning; what we’ve been taught to believe; the memories of the experiences we’ve had with other people or in certain situations. Our memories/beliefs affect our lives everyday. They are responsible for our ‘auto-pilot’ responses. Dr Hew Len and Joe Vitale suggest that most of us are running on our memories/beliefs and are therefore blocking our inspiration or creativity.

It’s a bit like when you designate something on your computer to the trash bin. Although it’s gone from your immediate notice, it’s actually still there somewhere on the system. It is a similar situation with our memories/beliefs about ourselves. We can move something to ‘trash’ in our minds taking it out of our conscious awareness, yet that memory/belief is still in our UNconscious minds. It still has the power to colour our experiences and our relationships with other people.

So it’s not YOU that creates problems for yourself, it’s actually your memories/beliefs. The programs that run in your SUBconscious mind that you may not be aware of.

So, what hope do we have if we’re not even aware of what we’re thinking most of the time?  The only thing we can do is to take notice of what is going on around us. The negative situations we find ourselves in. The times when we get emotionally triggered by another person. Dr Hew Len and Joe Vitale suggest that whenever this happens, it is actually something inside YOU that has attracted this scenario and it is therefore a great opportunity to ‘clean’ that program from yourself. Remember, it’s all an inside job – everything happens from inside you. If this is true, then it’s our responsibility to ‘clean’ it out.

This is what they suggest: Everytime another person pushes your buttons, instead of judging the situation or the person, say the following mantra:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Ok, it’s a bit weird. Fair enough. AND, we all have to admit that we are judging our experiences or other people’s actions ALL the time. We rarely take responsibility for our part in them. We rarely admit the fact that we can usually relate to that person or situation. We’ve been there, done that; we’ve treated someone like that; we’ve spoken to another person in that way; we’ve felt that anger/jealousy/greed/hatred etc. If you find yourself in a situation that is pushing your buttons, it’s only because that program is still operating somewhere in your SUBconscious mind and the other person has re-activated it. As Dr Hew Len says; clean, clean, clean. Clean the program in yourself and you may even clean it in someone else. Afterall, we’re all connected. Try it for a week or so. Say it anytime (obviously to yourself!). For me, this mantra works in the way that it seems to take the place of my ‘monkey mind chatter’. It helps me see every new situation for what it IS, rather than what I judge it to be based on my past memories/beliefs.

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