What I’ve learned, is that relationship break-ups, when you are feeling sad and alone are the most amazing opportunities for growth. It might not seem like it at the time, but when you are in the middle of, or recovering from a break-up, your thoughts and feelings around it can spell out very clearly what you want and what you don’t want from a relationship. It can spell out very clearly how you WANT to feel in your life and this is incredibly important information for you.

Most of us never sit down and actually decide how we WANT to feel in our lives. How we WANT our relationships to feel. We sometimes make a mental list of what that person should look like, what their personality should be, what skills they should have etc, but we rarely identify how we really want to FEEL in relationship. What would it FEEL like to give love and have that love returned? What would it FEEL like to have a peaceful, loving relationship where you felt respected and cared for?

These are the things (and I’m sure you can design your own) that we need to sit with. This is where  http://www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au comes in very handy. This is an Emotional Survival Kit filled with ‘tools’ for understanding yourself. For getting your power back again and finding out what makes you ‘tick’. In the kit there is a tool that I’ve called the JOY TOOL. This is all about sitting with how you WANT to feel and attracting more of that into your life. I can testify that this tool works. In fact, I can testify that it changed my life.

It’s also very important to realise that, at this time, you are grieving. You have suffered a loss. Loss of the person/companion/lover and loss of a dream, the potential of the relationship; the ideas you had around the relationship and what those ideas and dreams meant to you. It’s important to sit with your feelings when they come up. This is a time of emptying out. Sometimes it can be a time of emptying out more than just the loss of this relationship. You might find yourself grieving other things as well. That’s OK. Grief is a natural process and just takes some time to finish.. The only way through grief is through it. It’s like you’ve got a bucket of tears. Gradually, you’ll just empty the bucket..

Yes, this is a time of emotional crisis. It’s also an opportunity for change..  http://www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au Do something different this time. Learn to live whole-heartedly..and watch what happens..

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