October 8, 2010

Jennifer has made a difference in the lives of many of our cancer clients over the last 5 years both with facilitating support groups & one on one counseling sessions . Whilst facing a life threatening illness , clients have been empowered by learning about “the tools “ & having an emotional survival kit for when times are tough. The feedback has been very positive from cancer clients & from people I have personally recommended . The results happen in the first few weeks & lives are changed with this practical & positive approach .

Robyn Yates RN
Blue Mountains Cancer Help

It’s simple WHEN you know how.
I’ve benefited immensely from Jennifer Edwards’ ‘tools for living’. She lives what she believes – we all do. Her Keep It Simple tools that I benefited most from were:
* Setting an Intention
* What Drains My Energy?
* What do I need right now?
* What T-shirt am I wearing?
* The Power Tool
I am now happier with how I use my time. I make time to sit, rest, be.
I allow myself to feel, keeping it simple – good or bad. I work out what I want. Choose. And take action.
She’s right.
When one lives whole heartedly
THIS is the place to be.

Kaye Paton

The unthinkable and unexpected happened. I was diagnosed with cancer. My safe and happy world went into a tailspin. I was simply overwhelmed.
First an operation, followed by six months of tears and sadness. Eventually, I found Blue Mountains Cancer Help and it was suggested that I see Jennifer Edwards. Then my life changed. For the better.
Jennifer listened. She gave me some ‘tools’ I could follow which turned by life around into a positive direction. After only 4 visits, I felt I had a great load of worry and sadness turn into optimism and strength.
Now, some weeks later, I am a new me. Well, maybe even a better me. Past fears, past self-doubts, past anger, past mistakes – all faced – dealt with – gone.
My life has changed. My confidence is back. Even my sense of humour has returned. Thank you Jennifer.

Dorothy Johnston – Cancer Survivor

Jennifer, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all of you help.
Being diagnosed and treated for a brain tumour was the most stressful and confronting experience of my life. I was left feeling that I had no control over my life or my health. With the combined love and support of my family and yourself, I have found my recovery to be a lot faster than I thought possible.
Through your program I have learned many invaluable lessons by learning the tools in the Emotional Survival Kit. As with any tools, you may not need to use them on a daily basis, but they are always there to call on whenever they are needed. I have found them very empowering and now feel like I am back in control of every aspect of my life. Thank you once again.

Jennifer Spasic – Cancer Survivor

For years, self doubt and negativity kept me from pursuing my dreams. Thanks to the tools in the Emotional Survival Kit, my way of thinking has changed completely. I have a new sense of ‘unstoppableness!”

Rachel Dillon – Singer, Songwriter

The tools in the Emotional Survival Kit have helped tremendously. The T-Shirt tool and the Power tool especially have supported me to cope in my life a lot better and stop having so many ‘melt-downs’!

Jeanette Jones – Breast Cancer survivor


So excited that the Emotional Survival Kit is now available at the App Store. I have been using the cards and now I can have the kit with me anytime, any place. My ‘go to’ for clarity and direction when feeling overwhelmed, confused, tired o generally questioning situations. The clear, concise readings bring a new perspective to situations, tools to work with and an opportunity to reflect. A fantastic tool. Love it. Thank you!

Sass_ed – 6th Feb 2014


This app is wonderfully helpful. To be used whenever you feel overwhelmed, upset, angry or out of control. A gentle, practical guide to dealing with emotions and situations. Thank you!

knaunton – 6 Feb 2014


Great App! The kit offers an easy step guide to solving life’s everyday worries. Would recommend to anyone going through emotional difficulties or illness.