What I’ve learned, is that there’s no secret to happiness..

Everything rests on a set of unconscious, hidden beliefs about ourselves, that then determine how we TREAT ourselves, (which also seems to determine how OTHERS treat us), which then has a major impact on how happy we are.

Our unconscious mind with all its negative self talk and fixed beliefs is like our auto pilot. These hidden beliefs determine our first reaction in every situation.

How Does It all Work?

During your day, you find yourself in a life situation (could be anything). One of these ‘Hidden Beliefs’ come up and start running the show. “I’m not good enough” There’s not enough of anything” “My needs have to come last” “I have to DO things for you to be loved by you” ” I have to please you to be accepted by you”.  That Hidden belief then sets off an EMOTION or feeling.

Now on a metaphysical level, feelings or emotions are just energy. Energy in motion. On a biological level though, our feelings are actually groups of chemicals being released into the brain. We can’t even look at anything without having some sort of emotional response!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with emotions – they’re great, they make life really colourful.  It’s the ADDICTION to those emotions – the ADDICTION to the chemicals that they release into our brains, that can make us repeat the same patterns over and over again –  have the same kinds of relationships and the same kind of problems repeat over and over again in their lives… until it becomes our ‘normal’.

Every cell in the body is under the influence of these hidden beliefs, the emotions that are attached to them and the chemicals that they release into the brain.

If we bombard the cells in our bodies with the same negative beliefs about ourselves and therefore the same chemistry over and over on a daily basis, when those cells divide, the next lot of cells becomes more receptive to THOSE beliefs and chemicals and LESS receptive to vitamins, minerals, nutrients, waste disposal or even the release of toxins.

When you realise this, you realise that YOU are choosing and creating everything in your life..whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously..

So, how many people have really sat down and had a think about what hidden beliefs may be running their lives?

And yet, it’s probably one of the most important things you could ever do. Possibly one of the biggest things you could ever do to change your life – make it better.

www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com. is a website designed to be all about you and how it is for you in your life right now. There are 15 fantastic, empowering and enlightening ‘tools’ in the kit designed to shine a light on everything currently ‘hidden’ in your life. All the things you may never have thought about and yet they are the very things that are currently running your life subtly and constantly..unconsciously.  I would encourage you to learn the tools out of the emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au. I would encourage you to find out what’s really going on in your life, because until you do, you are only living half-heartedly. Unconsciously. Learn to live whole-heartedly..and watch what happens.

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