The Power Test

October 14, 2010

This is one of the most difficult tests you will take if you are currently feeling dis-empowered or are currently in a dis-empowering situation. You will NOT want to be honest with yourself. Something in you will rebel against this test. If you ARE dis-empowered, something in you will be making excuses for someone in your life and how they are currently treating you, making excuses for a life situation you find yourself in AND making excuses for why you can’t possibly change these things.

This test supports you to become AWARE of what is really going on in your life right now and is a crucial first step to taking your power back.

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly and without ANY self judgement.

  • Are you feeling “stuck”?

Are you feeling like you cannot move forward or backwards in this situation or with this person or with these people? Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in the one position?

  • Do you feel uninspired and unfulfilled?

This one is very important. When you have lost your power, you have also lost your connection to the flow of well-being and creativity that is naturally yours. You have blocked your own well-being. It is like you have put a thick, heavy sheet of metal over your head and nothing can get through anymore.

  • Are you living your life according to someone else’s rules, beliefs, standards or expectations?

Be careful here because this is very subtle. Sometimes we can even be living our lives through what another person close to us believes, thinks, worries about, or even demands. This person in turn can also be living THEIR lives through another person’s own beliefs, ideals, demands etc. You could be unconsciously living your life once removed or even twice removed from it! You could be, inadvertently, living someone else’s life rather than your own. Are your beliefs and expectations your OWN beliefs and expectations?

At some point in time you have to ask yourself: Whose life am I living? AND, what am I saying ‘yes’ to?

  • Where are you placed in this sitation? First or LAST?

Where are you putting yourself in this situation? How important are you rating your own needs? Are you coming last? Do your needs nearly always come last?

  • Are you feeling physically and emotionally drained and tired most of the time?

If you can imagine a cup that represents the level of your life-force/energy at the moment, how full would that cup be? Are you feeling tired most of the time? How is your health?

Would it be true to say that if you withdrew your energy and extreme effort from the relationship you are currently in, the relationship (or relationships) would probably end? Do you often feel powerless or out of control in your current life situations?

  • What are you saying ‘yes’ to?

Sometimes the people or characters in our lives right now are actually representing certain things. If you can take the actual person out of the equation and instead, think about what they are standing for (ie judgement, control, enabling, disempowerment, fear, disrespect), you can find out what you are currently saying ‘yes’ to. Sometimes you are saying ‘yes’ to things that you wouldn’t normally say ‘yes’ to. Things that you wouldn’t stand for in your life. Please don’t beat yourself up once you realise what you have been saying ‘yes’ to. It is SO easy to find yourself in a situation where you are saying ‘yes’ to things that you really don’t want. These things are very subtle and they do tend to creep on you (especially through close relationships). The good news is, once you DO discover what you’ve been doing, all you need do is say ‘yes’ to YOURSELF instead and yes to what YOU want to stand for in your life.

These are the questions that need to be answered for you to see clearly just how dis-empowered you are right now.

If you are feeling ‘stuck’; feeling that nothing in this life inspires or excites you; that you are actually living your life according to someone else’s way of being/thinking/believing (that is clearly not your own); if your own needs are generally the lowest priority, then it is certain that you are currently dis-empowering yourself, blocking your own well being and need to take your power back.

I’ve come to the understanding that there’s no secret to happiness and peace. Everything rests on a set of unconscious, hidden and often negative beliefs we have about ourselves that, in turn, determine how we treat ourselves, which then determines how OTHERS treat us, which then determines how much happiness we have. It’s really that simple.

These ‘hidden’ beliefs are like our auto-pilot. They determine our first reaction in any situation.

The Emotional Survival Kit shines a light on everything ‘hidden’. If you would like to do something about why you may be feeling unhappy; why you may be feeling unfulfilled and uninspired; why relationships are often difficult, complicated or painful; why your health isn’t so great and why you so often feel tired, drained and powerless, then buy yourself a gift today. Purchase the Emotional Survival Kit and start finding out what is really going on in your life. Until you do, you are only living half-heartedly. Unconsciously.

Learn to live WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.. and watch what happens..