Our brains have been ‘wired’ a certain way through our childhood conditioning (what we’ve been taught by others) and the experiences we’ve had with other people along the way. These experiences and conditioning, along with the strong emotions that went with them have created the neural pathways or ”wiring’ you now have in your brain.

In your past, if you had what you thought to be a traumatic, emotionally charged experience, the thought and especially the feelings that went along with that experience became hard wired into your brain. Now, when a situation seems similar to that traumatic, emotionally charged memory, the brain responds by ‘triggering’ the very same feelings and physical reactions that went with the original event.

Because these thoughts, feelings and reactions are wired into your brain, they now seem like your ONLY truth. Due to your own particular brain wiring, it may seem like there aren’t any choices when you find yourself in certain life situations; the brain wiring has become your ‘auto-pilot’ and you therefore automatically react in a certain way every time.
AND..there is always another choice.

The brain can be re-wired by using mindfulness techniques…

‘Mindfulness’ is defined as the non-judgemental, compassionate acceptance of the present moment. In the Emotional Survival Kit, there is a tool called the BRAIN SURGERY TOOL. This tool actually teaches you how to re-wire your own brain using mindfulness! Just imagine for a moment that you could learn to change your mind, therefore changing your brain AND your life.

If you would like to stop being ‘triggered’ by the same old things, beliefs or people over and over again, then give yourself an amazing gift. Go to www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au, purchase your own Emotional Survival Kit and start having a very different conversation with yourSELF.

Learn to live whole-heartedly.. and watch what happens…

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